Kodak Programmable Dissolve Unit
Kodak Programmable 2 Dissolve Unit - KX Camera Kodak Slide Projectors Since 1980 - 1732-1/2 Grand Ave. Santa Barbara, CA 93103 805-963-5625
$199.95 USA 110volt - USA only
$299.95 USA/Worldwide 110/220volt 50/60hz switch
$399.95 Modified for Hasselblad PCP-80 with 7 pin USA doors - 110/220v
$499.95 Modified for Hasselblad, with AMX Radio Remote Control (90ft)

* Plug-and-Play, easy to operate. Easily records program to tape recorder
* Dissolve times: Cut, 1, 2, 4, 8 Reset (home) Flash
* Continuous Forward with Dissolve for all day Art Gallery displays
* Uses Arion Mate Trac Signal, Use as Master or Slave links
* Use with Kodak 5 pin remote control - 12ft. (not included)
* Includes Instruction Manual
* 7 pin USA plugs
* Special instructions for Hasselblad PCP-80 Projectors


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