Doctar Doctalux Wetzlar Germany 100-300mm/3.5 Lens
Doctar Doctalux 100-300mm 100-300mm Zoom Lens - KX Camera Kodak Slide Projectors Since 1980 - 1732-1/2 Grand Ave. Santa Barbara, CA 93103 805-963-5625 Doctar Doctalux 100-300mm Zoom Lens
Price: $1,499.95 ***Rare: only 3 available***

* Longest Range Zoom Lens that Doctar made for Slide Projectors
* The latest in Doctar designed optics, Brightest and Sharpest images possible
* All metal Barrel (spiral grove back), critical focusing front ring
* Made to fit the Leitz Pradovit RT-s, RT-m & Kodak EktaPro Projectors
* Suitable for small & large classrooms, auditoriums, Camera Club Contests
* w/ Front and Rear caps
* Barrel Mint, Glass Perfect
* Note: will not fit regular Kodak Carousel and Ektagraphic projectors

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