Kodak EktaPro Select 200-300mm/3.5-FF Zoom Lens
Kodak Ektapro Select 200-300mm /3.5 FF Projection Lens - KX Camera Kodak Slide Projectors Since 1980 - 1732-1/2 Grand Ave. Santa Barbara, CA 93103 805-963-5625
$699.95 - Nice Condition, storage boxes ( 4 available )
$645.95 - Nice Condition, no storage box ( 1 available )

* Kodak - German made, Multi-Coated Optics, Metal Internal Barrel
* Stunning Sharpness, Brightest Vivid Colors, Highest Contrast
* For Larger Classrooms, Halls, Autitoriums (longer distance)
* Best with flat or near flat film, Glass or Open slide mounts
* For EktaPro and Leica RT Series Projectors Only

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