Kodak 93mm/2.8 PC Retinar S-AV Lens
*** Corrects for Projector Tilt Parallax ***
Kodak 93mm 2.8 PC Retinar S-AV Lens - KX Camera Kodak Slide Projectors Since 1980 - 1732-1/2 Grand Ave. Santa Barbara, CA 93103 805-963-5625 Kodak 93mm 2.8
SOLD - in Near Mint Condition

* The ultimate in a single focal length lens. Slightly wide angle
* PC control - corrects for Projector Tilt Parallax
* Bright, Sharp and Contrasty Images. Perfect for home, offices, short distances
* Kodak - German Made. Modern Multi-Coated Optics, Metal internal barrel
* Works on all Ektapro, Leica RT and S-AV (Euro) projectors - Spiral rear barrel
* Not for Ektagraphic and Carousel projectors

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