Schneider 35mm/2.8 Cinelux AV MC Lens
Schneider 35mm/2.8 CINE XENON AV MC Lens
Schneider 35mm/2.8 Cinelux AV MC Projection Lens - KX Camera Kodak Slide Projectors Since 1980 - 1732-1/2 Grand Ave. Santa Barbara, CA 93103 805-963-5625
$499.95     Standard Gear Rack (shown above)
$1,199.95  CINE-XENON Spiral Rear Mount (Ektapro / SAV)
                  SUPER RARE - e-mail us for pics
Schneider Information:  The CINE XENON has outstanding edge-to-edge sharpness with exceptional resolution capability in the corners, extraordinary brilliance and optimum illumination distribution over the complete picture area.

* Latest Ultra Bright, Highest Contrast Design
* Short Throw, Wide Angle Lens


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