AV Stumpfl SD 404 Power Memory Projector Dissolve Control
Controls 1-4 Kodak Ektapro and Leica RT-s/RT-m Projectors
Controls 1-4 Hasselblad PCP-80 Projectors
Expands: 5-32 Projectors with optional Wings Program, added units
Stumpfl  SD 402 Power Memory for Ektapro Projectors - KX Camera Kodak Slide Projectors - 1732-1/2 Grand Ave. Santa Barbara, CA 93103 805-963-5625 Stumpfl SD 402
$1,199.95 - Body Only
$1,699.95 - Body, AC adapter, Remote, 4 RS232 cords for Ektapro
$2,199.95 - Body, AC adapter, Remote, 4-12 pin cords/modules - Hasselblad 

Choose: Instruction manual in GERMAN, or English (pdf in e-mail)
Choose: Power Adapter: 110volt (USA) or 220-240volts(Euro)

* All-in-One PC System easily programs Dissolve Shows
* Controls: 1-4 Ektapro and/or Hasselblad PCP-80 Projectors
* Expands: 5-32 Projectors, with optional WINGS program, added SD404 units,
   Modules and Cables
* Remote Control for Live and Programmed Shows

Details: choose your kit:
* Dissolve Control - Main Unit
* Choose: 110volt(USA) or 220/240v(EURO) A/C adapter
* 4 -RS232 Cables for Kodak Ektapro Projectors 
* 4 -12 pin Modules/Cables for Hasselblad PCP-80 projectors
* NOTE: your Hasselblad projectors MUST HAVE 12 pin AA (70524) back doors
* Instruction Manual (in German) or English (pdf in e-mail) 
* Remote Control

* Not included - Memory Card
* Not included - WINGS CD Program


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